Wine Code Breaker #317

2019 Meadowbank Gamay, Tasmania

Gamay has an infamous record akin to the early colonisation of Australia.  One of the oldest varieties in France, Gamay became an outlaw in 1395 following a decree of the Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Bold.  Philip boldly claimed Gamay was an outlaw, a wine that was foul and harmful to human beings.  He also instructed that all plants were to be destroyed.  This decree saw all convict vines removed and transported to Beaujolais (metaphorically speaking).  It was here that it thrived and now its delights are able to be experienced in other regions of the world including Australia.  

The 2019 Meadowbank Gamay from Tasmania has an incredibly vibrant red cerise colour that is highly appealing.  The nose is highly floral and perfumed with light red berries and cherries. There is a hint of hubbabubba for those that remember it from their youth.  The palate has those cherries and pomegranates twisted around some citrus zest.  The tannins are lively, the acidity is elegant and the finish appeals all the more with a light chilling.  The resounding declaration of the jury is to revoke Gamay’s status as an outlaw.


Rating94 pts
DrinkNow; 1-5 yrs
TastedMar 2020

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