Wine Code Breaker #211

2014 Mayer Cabernet, Yarra Valley, Victoria One from the archives…Samuel Pepys is reported to be the pioneer of the modern tasting note. In 1663 he described a recent tasting, for him at least, as follows “Drank a sort of French wine, called Ho Bryan, that hath a good and most particular taste that ever IContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #211”

Wine Code Breaker #414

2022 Mayer Chardonnay Yarra Valley, Victoria The first recorded tasting note for a wine is credited to Samuel Pepys in 1663. His description of the wine was, “hath a good and most particular taste that ever I met with.” This description leaves a lot to the imagination. “Good” can mean many things. I do though likeContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #414”

Wine Code Breaker #413

2021 Longhop Old Vine Shiraz, Adelaide Plains, South Australia A winter Ashes series approaches the Antipodes; some five weeks away to be precise. This provides ample time to select a wine to match the cooler nights watching some devious swing from the medium pacers, deceptive flight from the spinners and toilers, vicious short pitched deliveriesContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #413”

Wine Code Breaker #412

2021 Bekkers Tome (Vol 1) Shiraz, McLaren, South Australia Rey spent her early life eking out an existence by scavenging on the planet Jakku. Her simple life disappeared as she was drawn into helping the Repulic and with this discovered the Force within her. She sought out Master Jedi Luke Skywalker for instruction in masteringContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #412”

Wine Code Breaker #411

2022 Mayer Gamay, Yarra Valley, Victoria Carbonic maceration is a fermentation technique that has been made famous by the wines of Beaujolais. Under a blanket of carbon dioxide, at the top the fermentation process involves the conversion of sugars into alcohol occurring inside the individual grapes. At the bottom, conventional fermentation occurs, as the grapesContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #411”

Wine Code Breaker #410

2021 Eden Road The Long Road Chardonnay, Tumbarumba, New South Wales There is a Latin saying, in vino veritas. In wine, there is truth. Of course in too much wine, there is ruin. Too little, and there is a riot. This is precisely what “International Stab Someone in the Back Day” advocates. Not heard ofContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #410”

Wine Code Breaker #409

2022 Pewsey Vale Riesling, Eden Valley, South Australia Australia’s early economy was said to have ridden on the sheep’s back. John Macarthur is credited as the first to introduce the merino breed that led to the boom on the back of wool. What is less known is that in 1847, Riesling cuttings from his CamdenContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #409”

Wine Code Breaker #408

2021 Mac Forbes EB80 G-Train Grenache, Yarra Valley, Victoria The evolution of the Grenache style away from a blockbuster, high octane jube driven palate continues to amaze. It may even be a revolution. These wines are highly perfumed, textural, tauter / leaner framed while retaining the raspberry and blackberry fruit that makes it such aContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #408”

Wine Code Breaker #407

2021 Mac Forbes Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Victoria What has the colour pink got to do with Pink Floyd? Nothing. Pink was in fact Pinkney Anderson, a blues guitarist who went by the name Pink. The Floyd part came from Floyd Council, another blues guitarist. A spur of the moment decision by Sid Barrett createdContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #407”

Wine Code Breaker #406

2021 Cherubino Uovo Grenache, Frankland River, Western Australia The phrase “afternoon delight” has over time become a reference to a dangerous liaison between two lovers when everything’s a little clearer in the light of day. This is all thanks to the Starland Vocal Band’s hit song of 1976, Afternoon Delight. A more recent version ofContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #406”