Wine Code Breaker #399

2021 Mayer Gamay, Yarra Valley, Victoria Pinot Noir gains in popularity and Shiraz maintains its place. What if you could put the two together? One is the dancer, it hails from Burgundy. The other a prancer with origins from Rhone. There is a place in between. It is a place where the prancer’s attitude softensContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #399”

Wine Code Breaker #317

2019 Meadowbank Gamay, Tasmania Gamay has an infamous record akin to the early colonisation of Australia.  One of the oldest varieties in France, Gamay became an outlaw in 1395 following a decree of the Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Bold.  Philip boldly claimed Gamay was an outlaw, a wine that was foul and harmful toContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #317”