Wine Code Breaker #45

2011 Kalleske Greenock Shiraz, Barossa Valley, South Australia

One from the archives of 2012…Being deep into an Australian summer of Test cricket you have some time to reflect upon the traditions that have evolved over the years and remain respected by players and lovers of the game to this day. Test cricket is deep on tradition and represents the finest form of the game. Some 24 years before the first test match was even thought of, Kalleske began growing grapes. Their original traditions of being growers of good quality grapes sought after by some of the finest makers of wine have evolved into producers of some of the best wines to come out of the Barossa Valley.

The 2011 vintage of the Greenock Shiraz from Kalleske is the tenth release from a single vineyard within the Kalleske farm. Brick red and very bright in colour. A tight and youthful nose dominated by spice, liquorice and plums. Herbs, almost rosemary like wafting in the background with a touch of charry oak and milky chocolate. The palate displays elegance, coolness and length, more herbal than plums, more spice than blackberries. Very fine tannins add a third dimension and combined, all parts present a seasonal expression that has taken seven generations to come into being.

As a package, this is very very good now. With patience and time, it will continue to mature in the bottle for many years to come.


Rating96 pts
DrinkNow; 5-12 yrs
TastedDec 2012

2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #45

  1. Thanks James – continuing to enjoy your reviews.

    I know you are a long time fan of Kalleske – wondering if you have had any 2011 wines recently. It was a very wet vintage (my wife and I were visiting the Barossa and watching the Brisbane floods unfold on the TV) and was wondering how they have lasted.


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    1. Hi Mark – glad you are continuing to like these little posts and hope the new format is good for you too. I gives me an opportunity to dribble out some of the older ones.

      As for recent tastings of 2011, I must admit to none so a good prompt. I have a few of these in the cellar and was keen to do a vertical at some point in the near future. An atypical year as you said, but it was a very interesting wine at the time.


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