The Unexpurgated Wine Code

The Unexpurgated Wine Code

unexpurgated (adjective); (of a text) complete and containing all the original material; uncensored.

The Unexpurgated Wine Code offers a set of wine tasting notes to showcase the many emotions that a humble glass of wine may invoke. Some are serious, some are amusing and some are just plain ridiculous. Each note is presented as a Wine Code Breaker as if to impart an answer to the bigger puzzle that is wine.

Wine Code Breaker #211

2014 Mayer Cabernet, Yarra Valley, Victoria One from the archives…Samuel Pepys is reported to be the pioneer of the modern tasting note. In 1663 he described a recent tasting, for him at least, as follows “Drank a sort of French wine, called Ho Bryan, that hath a good and most particular taste that ever I…

Wine Code Breaker #414

2022 Mayer Chardonnay Yarra Valley, Victoria The first recorded tasting note for a wine is credited to Samuel Pepys in 1663. His description of the wine was, “hath a good and most particular taste that ever I met with.” This description leaves a lot to the imagination. “Good” can mean many things. I do though like…


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