Wine Code Breaker #57

2010 Paradigm Hill L’Ami Sage Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsular, Victoria

One from the archives of 2013…There have been very few winemakers I have met who are not passionate about what they do. It appears to be one of those treasured industries where your sole aim is to give it your best, every single day. They are a group of people who are thought provoking, insightful and above all patient. Great wine comes from carefully managed vineyards and craftsmanship that is respectful of the season they are delivered. The ability to listen to the season requires a patient study of your surroundings and is a skill to be admired above all.

The Paradigm Hill winery is a fine example of keenly crafted wines hailing from the Peninsular. They produce very few wines, but what is produced is of a very high standard. The 2010 L’Ami Sage Pinot Noir for me is their highlight. A superb colour, dark crimson red displaying brightness. The nose of this Pinot Noir leans more towards the masculine side with nuances of earthy, herbal, and cherry fruit with dusty oak and just a faint perfume lift. Over time in the glass the dark herbal edge evolves into something akin to black olives and red forest floor berries. The palate showed that dark herbal edge intermingling cherry and red berry fruits supported by dusty oak influences. All floating effortlessly along strong yet silken tannins delivering an elegant profile and a long broadening finish that did not disappoint. In the end, this wine delivered a sense of peace. More than that, it proffered comfort and guidance. It was patient and thought provoking. I was moved.


Rating95 pts
Drink5-10 yrs
TastedApr 2013

2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #57

    1. I do. I have been toying with the idea of a vertical for some time as I still have a bottle of the inaugural release – 2002! Would be interesting to see what that one is like too! The 2003 I tried about 9 months ago and this was still looking pretty good (under cork).


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