Wine Code Breaker #350

Non-Vintage Sparkling Shiraz, Turkey Flat, Barossa Valley, South Australia

A BBQ is an Australian institution.  Snags, salad and steak on a paper plate, all to be eaten with one hand and an implement.  But which implement is best? What do you really need?  A fork, a spoon or a knife? A splayd of course!  Combining a fork, knife and spoon, this is the ultimate Australian invention that will see you get through the BBQ with aplomb.  Of course, the other  Australian invention you need to sip along with is Sparkling Shiraz.

The Non-Vintage Turkey Flat Sparkling Shiraz is from the Barossa Valley in South Australia.  It is an almost violently vibrant, deep magenta coloured wine that is all the more remarkable for the very fine bead.  The nose is rich and luscious with plums, blue berry fruits, spices and chocolate shining through.  A bit of Christmas cake too.  The palate has a luscious array of dark berry flavours and plums that fill the palate to overflowing.  Dark chocolate, espresso, spices and glazed fruits are presented on a super fine bead that is complimented by light sandy tannins. This is a complex and lingering sparkling wine that stands magnificently next to a splayd as one of the great Aussie inventions.


Rating96 pts
DrinkNow; 10+ yrs
TastedOctober 2020

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