Wine Code Breaker #318

2016 One Block Moonlit Forest Dark Star Syrah, Yarra Valley

Walking through a moonlit forest can be quite a spiritual experience.  The light is dabbled through the leaves onto the forest floor.  As you walk, shadows move slowly beside you like a friend.  Cool climate Shiraz or Syrah can be the same.  Its flavours are dabbled across your palate and the flavours linger like a good friend.  Yarra Valley is producing some wonderfully moonlit wines that we should all be chasing.  

The 2016 One Block Moonlit Forest Dark Star Syrah from the Yarra Valley in Victoria is a dark plum and cherry coloured wine.  The nose is fragrant and dabbles plums and dark berry fruits above the glass as if refracting the light off the forest floor.  The palate has those fruits along with touches of chocolate.  It is a complex velvety textural palate with crunchy acidity and some stalky influences that are just a touch chewy yet lovingly complimentary all at once.  Enjoy a glass of the One Block whilst walking in a moonlit forest and stare at a dark star dreaming of Syrah. 


Rating94 pts
DrinkNow; 5-7 yrs
TastedDec 2019

3 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #318

    1. I think we would all wish for a re-boot to 2020 given the virus. It was a backlog and brought to the front. A couple more are sitting there worthy of showcasing so stay tuned.


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