Wine Code Breaker #315

2019 Hughes & Hughes (by Mewstone) Dornfelder, Tasmania

“I’ll have a Dornfelder thanks.”  What the?  Is that a beer? Is that a crisp? Or, is it some cocktail of some disrepute? Well, it is definitely not a character from the Game of Thrones. It is in fact a grape that was introduced to Germany around the 1970s from the crossing of another four German varieties. Today, in this land of sauerkraut, kranskys, and beer, Dornfelder has become one of the highest volume varieties.  Some recent introductions into the Australian environment has elevated the “what the?” to a “yes sir, one glass or three?” 

The 2019 Hughes & Hughes Dornfelder (by Mewstone) is from a site in North West Tasmania.  The colour is seriously vibrant with a melding of iridescent purple and violet.  The nose has a sour grape like appeal of a children’s lolly along with blueberry fruit.  A little bit of spice adds interest.  The palate is a mix of sour cherries, blueberries and spices wrapped in soft furry tannins.  A dustiness is there towards the rear of the palate that drives balance and persistence leaving you remarking, “that is a Dornfelder.”


Rating91 pts
DrinkNow; 1-5 yrs
TastedFeb 2020

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