Wine Code Breaker #309

2018 Giant Steps Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Victoria

From the archives of 2019 … A favourite comic book of mine growing up was the tales of Asterix and Obelix.  My absolute favourite though was Asterix & Cleopatra.  In this story, my Gaulish heroes were recruited to support Edifis in the construction of a magnificent palace for the Cleopatra, the Queen of Ancient Egypt.  Not surprisingly, they become infatuated with Cleopatra, proclaiming she had the most magnificent nose in the land.  What I did not know in my youth was that this most magnificent of noses was not just a nose of beauty, it was a nose that was regaled across the Ancient lands for Cleopatra’s ability to sniff and judge the wines proffered to her.  Cleopatra’s key skill was her ability to classify a Pinot Noir, much like my bride, from ten paces.  The Giant Steps Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley met with my bride’s sniff of approval and I am certain, Cleopatra would agree.

The 2018 Giant Steps Pinot Noir is a blend from single vineyard sites across the Yarra Valley in Victoria.  The colour is a bright light crimson that once poured into a large glass, appeals greatly allowing for the nose to shine.  The nose, as sniffed by my Cleopatra, presents perfumed rose petals with red fruits and cherries that appeal immediately with little teasing from the glass.  Tease some more and there are savoury and earthy notes with touches of dusty cedar influences that add complexity and charm as escribed on the parchment of flax.  The palate has the red fruits that are gloriously elegant with a silky texture that expertly entwines the savoury and earthy flavours.  There is complexity, there is attractiveness, and there is a wonderful length to the palate that excited my Cleopatra and no doubt would have excited the Cleopatra of ancient times.


Rating95 pts
DrinkNow; 3-7 yrs
TastedNov 2019

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