Wine Code Breaker #80

2012 Maximus Gluteus by Maximus Shiraz, McLaren Vale, South Australia

One from the archives of 2013…Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back, front, neck and sides some 23 times on the 15th March 44 BC. This event has made the Ides of March infamous. A foul act of deception it was, justified on the grounds of avoiding a single member of the Senate becoming more important than the Senate itself. In the end, a tyranny evolved with a successful Republic being cast away in favour of an Empire. In remembrance of this day, I am starting a petition to have the Ides of March re-badged to the International Stab Someone In the Back Day and I have found the perfect wine to toast it with.

The 2012 Maximus Gluteus by Maximus produces a Shiraz from the McLaren Vale district in South Australia. It is a remarkable black colour with a touch of plum red on the rim. Coffee and chocolate nuances infused with dark berries. Rich plums in abundance with just touch of sea salt belying the maritime clime the McLaren Vale region is influenced by. The palate is very rich, broad, flavoursome and velvety. Plums and pudding based on glazed fruits and a vanillin coconut oaken influence. A long lingering finish.

Seek out and celebrate International Stab Someone In the Back Day when next it comes around with a Gluteus by Maximus Shiraz. No knives required.


Rating91 pts
DrinkNow; 3-8 yrs
TastedOct 2013

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