Wine Code Breaker #314

2016 TarraWarra Nebbiolo, Yarra Valley, Victoria

The Yarra Valley is one of the better areas in Australia for Pinot Noir.  It stands to reason that it perhaps should also be one of the better regions to grow Nebbiolo.  Both are seen as fickle and thin skinned; and this is not just physically, but perhaps more aptly if you could assign a personality to a grape.  If the season permits, it will shine and if it doesn’t then, well, best to leave them alone for another year to sulk for a while so that we can all move on.

The 2016 TarraWarra Nebbiolo from the Yarra Valley is worthy of seeking out to celebrate World Nebbiolo Day on the 5th of March.  Its colour is a lighter variant of brick red showing none of the fickleness that grape is renowned for. The nose is delicate and very floral, with roses evolving into cherries.  Touches of leather and perhaps even the aroma of a freshly cracked earthen pot is there as well.  The palate has those darker fruits presented with anise, spices, coffee beans and the earthy clay. The tannins are silky and firm with high acidity that brings it together proudly with not a hint of sulking.


Rating92 pts
DrinkNow; 3-10 yrs
TastedDec 2019

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