Wine Code Breaker #337

2019 Tonic Grenache, Clare Valley / McLaren Vale, South Australia Tonic can be defined in its adjectival form as “giving a feeling of vigour and well-being.”    As a noun, tonic is defined as “a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigour or well-being.”  Calling a winery Tonic therefore comes with some seriousContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #337”

Wine Code Breaker #334

2019 Jim Barry Assyrtiko, Clare Valley, South Australia Santorini Island in the middle of the Mediterranean and Clare Valley in South Australia don’t have a lot in common at first glance.  One is an island of volcanic rock that experiences about 370 mm rainfall in any one year, while the other is a valley inContinue reading “Wine Code Breaker #334”