Wine Code Breaker #337

2019 Tonic Grenache, Clare Valley / McLaren Vale, South Australia

Tonic can be defined in its adjectival form as “giving a feeling of vigour and well-being.”    As a noun, tonic is defined as “a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigour or well-being.”  Calling a winery Tonic therefore comes with some serious strings attached.  Either you are a giver or a medicinal substance.  There can be no in between.  With Grenache, this is even truer.

The 2019 Tonic Grenache is a blend of Clare Valley and McLaren Vale in South Australia.  It is a crimson coloured wine with swirls of brightness.  The nose is highly perfumed with red fruits, aniseed (or was that fennel), marzipan and nougat like aromas.  The palate sees the red fruits, herbs and spice with touches of plums come shining through instilling a sense of well-being.  The tannins are fine and sandy driving a persistence that becomes a catalyst that gives you an understanding as to why this winery is called Tonic.  This Grenache from Tonic is a tonic to beat all tonics. 


Rating94 pts
DrinkNow; 3-10 yrs
TastedJuly 2020

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