Wine Code Breaker #372

2019 Paradigm Hill L’ami sage Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Decanters are more than just a lump of glass or crystal sitting on a shelf. The core purpose is twofold. For younger wines, the graceful mixing of the wine with air brings forward the aromas and flavours offering you purity and an opportunity to ponder over the present and play out its future. For older wines, you can delicately separate the wine from any sediment that may be contained within the bottle. This will separate the cruddy, gritty bitterness from the delicately, patiently developed flavours of a mature wine. They also add brightness to the table as you enjoy the wine in front of you.

The 2019 Paradigm Hill L’ami sage is a single vineyard Pinot Noir from Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. As it is poured into the decanter, its colour flashes brightly as an array of crimson hues. This experience is delightfully repeated as you pour from decanter to glass, where the aromas waft gently, displaying beautiful red fruits. There are complexing floral notes, crushed nuts and earth, with a savoury and gentle cedar. The palate, now aerated, flows gracefully and crescendos with red fruits, forest floor berries, earth and delicate spices along a textural masterpiece that is silky, fanning and lingering.


Rating: 95 pts

Closure: Screwtop

Alc: 13.8%

Drink: Now; 10+ yrs

Price: $69

Tasted: June 2021

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