Wine Code Breaker #371

2019 Thomas Wines The Dam Block Shiraz, Hunter Valley, New South Wales

The etymology of the word “yum” has been the subject of debate. One theory suggests it is derived from the Sanskrit “yum,” which is said during meditation to focus on love and pleasurable things. Another suggests it is derived from the African “nyam,” meaning to taste. More simply, it could be an onomatopoeic of a sound we make whilst eating. Whichever way you look at it, the word arrived in the English dictionaries in the 19th century and is an exclamation of pleasure or enjoyment. It is a simple and easy expression that is readily understood at all levels. Some of life’s simple pleasures can induce a reflexive “yum”. A sniff of wine can do it. A sip of wine can also do it. A sip can also re-confirm it leading to an outwardly expressed “yum”. Andrew Thomas wines is a “yum” inducing experience no matter which one is poured.

The 2019 Thomas Wines The Dam Block Shiraz is from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. A bright crimson-coloured wine hints a “yum” is coming. The nose forces you to sit up and take notice with an array of peppers; black, white, and freshly cracked. There are expressive raspberries and blue fruits that mingle easily with soy, earth,and pencil shavings. The palate is “yum” inducing with its floral fruits, raspberries, blueberries, savoury black olives, and herbs. It is deftly structured with its tannins, acidity and lingering flavours, leaving you with a sigh of “yum”.


Rating: 96 pts

Closure: Screwtop

Alc: 13.7%

Drink: Now; 10+ yrs

Price: $45

Tasted: June 2021

2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #371

  1. Hi James

    Geoff and I purchased some of the 2019 Dam Block recently, haven’t tried it yet but thought you would be interested in the Real Review comments on it, very similar to yours.

    Trust things are going well for you under the new ‘regime’.

    Regards David


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