Wine Code Breaker #333

2018 d’Arenberg The Thunderstep Shiraz, McLaren Vale, South Australia

Australia’s National Shiraz Day has finally been declared.  July 23 is now a date for us to rejoice forever more.  All we need is a patron.  Sir Leslie Colin Patterson I hear has been suggested.  As a former cultural attaché and Chairman of the Australian Cheese Board, he would appear to have all the credentials that are more than a match for this great grape.  Like Shiraz, Sir Les is mate of the Australian taxpayer.  He has a personality like no other.  So, on this great day, a McLaren Vale Shiraz is a worthy showcase, encased in a cylindrical form.

The 2018 d’Arenberg The Thunderstep Shiraz is from the McLaren Vale in South Australia.  The colour is a proudly strutting dark red with flashes of black.  Sir Les would raise the glass to his not so insignificant nose and declare this to be a damn site better than a tie.  It is perhaps as robust as McLaren Vale can be with bold red berries and spices wafting thunderously from the glass.  The palate too is more than a match with its seductive dark fruits and earthy mineral flavours.  The tannins roar as the flavours linger with Sir Les boldly stating Shiraz is a well liked bastard and The Thunderstep is no failure.


Rating94 pts
DrinkNow; 10+ yrs
TastedJuly 2020

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