Wine Code Breaker #26

2009 Tyrrells Rufus Stone Shiraz, Heathcote, Victoria

One from the archives of 2012…While watching the London Olympics in full swing it seemed appropriate that a wine with ties to Great Britain and an Olympic sport be honoured as a “Wine Code Breaker” (originally published as “Wine of the Week”).  On the 2nd August 1100, Sir Walter Tyrrell fired an arrow at a stag. Unfortunately, this arrow struck an oak tree altering its flight striking William II, King of England (surname Rufus) in the chest killing him instantly. Over time, the oak tree was felled and a stone now marks the spot of this fateful hunting trip and is known as the Rufus Stone. William II was not a popular monarch in his day and even now, nigh on a millennium later, much suspicion remains over the cause of his death. Sir Walter’s history is not widely known; however, it is thought his descendants eventually migrated to Australia and created the Tyrrells winery, one of the oldest family owned and celebrated Australian wineries to this day.

Tyrrell’s Rufus Stone range celebrates wines from outside of their home in the Hunter Valley in NSW. The Heathcote region in Victoria is evolving into one of the most stunning regions in our vast continent for Shiraz. The 2009 Heathcote Rufus Stone Shiraz has an intense bright colour. Aromas of plums, dark berry and herbal fruits and dark chocolate; intensity driving interest. The palate is dark and lively with expressive plummy spice fruits. Mocha, herbs, coffee and vanilla beans add complexity. A viscous brooding texture leaves you wanting more. Fortunately the palate length makes this gap between sips a relatively painless experience.

Pairing the Heathcote Rufus Stone Shiraz with slain stag? I won’t know. Pairing it with watching the archery at the Olympics? A Gold medal experience.


Rating92 pts
Drink3-10 yrs
Price$17 (at tasting)
TastedAug 2012

2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #26

  1. So do you think it will still be $17 ??????????????? Uncle Dan’s have the 2016 vintage for $20…………… you think that will also be a good drop ??



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