Wine Code Breaker #331

2015 Rockford Basket Press, Barossa Valley, South Australia

It would be fair to say that the history of the wine press is as old as wine itself.  The original was no doubt the humble human foot.  The most notable evolution was the development of the basket press during Medieval times (or thereabouts).  Essentially, this was a wooden slatted basket with a lid that could be lowered using a large screw to exert pressure on the grapes and squeeze out the juice, gently.  Too soft and your wine is pale and insipid.  Too hard and your wine will be too tannic and harsh tasting. Mechanical improvements have continued over time, but the principles remain true.  Also, the use of a basket press in its traditional form adds to the hand made nature to the liquid within.  The most famous Australian wine that references basket press as its name is from Rockford, a very traditional wine making team, presenting the best a season can show in a very traditional bottle.

The 2015 Rockford Basket Press is a blend of Shiraz from the subregions within Barossa Valley in South Australia.  It is a medium purple to deep garnet coloured wine that is nothing short of exciting to look at.  The nose, with swirling and air, is a basket full of aromas including coffee, spices, blueberries, touches of Christmas cake, baking spices, boysenberry, liquorice and black pepper.  On the palate, it is the deft pressing that delivers intensity of the plums and black berry fruits that excels and excites.  A little touch of figs along with spices and liquorice adds to the complexity.  A well crafted layering is interlaced with the velvety tannins, delivering a stunningly persistent finish that will see this wine live on for a very long time.


Rating97 pts
DrinkNow; 10+ yrs
TastedJuly 2020

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