Wine Code Breaker #330

2019 Paralian Shiraz, McLaren Vale, South Australia

2019 Paralian Shiraz, McLaren Vale, South AustraliaThe oldest democracy by the sea is the land they call Greece.  The Paralians were the Greek people who lived on the Athenian coast in the 6th Century BC and today this is a term to describe someone who lives by the sea.  The oldest landscape by the sea is perhaps the McLaren Vale region in South Australia.  Stands to reason that a vineyard located in a democratic land would call itself Paralian. 

The 2019 Paralian Shiraz from McLaren Vale in South Australia is a vibrant purple coloured wine that cannot help but stand out.  The nose is an abundance of vibrant plums covered with ocean spray, which is balanced by this delicacy of violets wafting on a light sea breeze.  Sprinkles of blueberries pierced with chocolate chards of ancient times and earthenware jars of coffee, liquorice and oak spices.  The palate has a vibrancy of dark fruits, including an inkiness of an old parchment.  There is a mineral complexity in amongst the fruit and oak.  The flavours are presented on a sea of velvet with peeling waves of acidity that drive a persistence that would test the sailing vessels of the 6th Century BC.  This one has my vote.


Rating94 pts
DrinkNow; 3-10 yrs
TastedJune 2020

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