Wine Code Breaker #328

Non-vintage Pirie Sparkling, Tasmania

The first apple tree was planted by William Bligh in 1788.  This was also the first apple tree planted in Australia.  For Tasmania, apples became an important industry with exports these crisp and crunchy balls of joy being exported to countries far and wide.  It was at its peak that Tasmania became affectionately known as the Apple Isle.  Grapes were also planted in Tasmania by William Bligh in that same year.  Turning those grapes into sparkling wine has taken much longer to get started with the first made in 1984. Today it has been quoted as running rings around many sparkling wines from Champagne.  Matured yet? Perhaps not, but we can enjoy the journey.

The Pirie Sparkling is a Non-Vintage blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Tasmania.  A lightly golden coloured wine with a fine bead persisting.  The nose has peaches, floral nose and light touches of red berries.  This is complemented by the aroma of vegemite on lightly toasted bread.  The palate has hints of peaches, red berries and yeast of baked bread and red apples, more Pink Lady than Delicious.  Crisp acidity and a fine beady mousse provides a beautiful textural platform that supports its persistence of flavours.


Rating93 pts
DrinkNow; 2-4 yrs
TastedMay 2020

2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #328

  1. Hi James

    I have another friend who would be very interested in receiving your weekly reviews.

    If there is any chance you could waive the standard case of Grange joining fee, Fred would appreciate that.

    Trust you are well.

    Regards David



    1. G’day Dave, of course, for you anything is possible! One of the reasons for setting up the blog was for just this. All Fred needs to do is visit the website and enter his email as a subscriber. This way he will receive the email as per usual. Keen to know if there are any problems with signing up. Thanks for the referrals as always! James


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