Wine Code Breaker #325

2018 Warramate Chardonnay, Yarra Valley, Victoria

Did you know that the 20th of May is World Bee Day? This day pays homage to the role of bees and other pollinators of the ecosystems of our world. Just think what we would struggle to find without bees. Almost 75% of the world’s food crops require pollination from a bee or other pollinator. Then there is about 35% of the worlds agricultural land requiring bees and other pollinators to thrive. Without the pollination of the Chardonnay buds by bees, we would be missing out on celebrating World Chardonnay Day on the 21st May. Coincidence? I think not.

The 2018 Warramate Chardonnay is from vines pollinated by bees from the Yarra Valley in Victoria.  The wine is largely clear with an ever so lightly nectar coloured tinge.  The nose buzzes with pink grapefruit, poached peaches and apples, lemon zest, touches of pears and nashy fruit.  On the palate the citrus stings and stone fruits soothe. Poached peach with the fresh lees and cashews balances the crisp acidity to deliver a persistence to is an ode to bees of past, present and future.


Rating93 pts
DrinkNow; 3-5 yrs
TastedMay 2020

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