Wine Code Breaker #324

2018 Mr Riggs Piebald Syrah, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Piebald is usually used in reference to a horse that has irregular patches of two colours; mostly black and white.  Of course, this is now not the case and piebald can be used to describe anything or anyone who happens to be composed of or looking like they are of two contrasting colours.  CS Lewis was perhaps the most prolific user of this term as evidenced by his book Perelandra.  Ransom, the main character and for those in the know will recall how the green lady laughed and capered with mirth at the site of his piebald statue.  As a reference for a wine; it just means “yum”.

The 2018 Mr Riggs Piebald Syrah from Adelaide Hills in South Australia is partially piebald being mostly a bright garnet leading to a purple coloured rim of its youth.  Its nose becomes multi-piebald with cooler climate spices, cherries and plums, a touch of roast meat, herbs, liquorice and intense spices.  Dark berries of black berries, boysenberries, blueberries and forest floor brambly berries are there with air and a bit of cherry pie and cream adds profound interest.  The palate excels with a multi-hued flavour profile that is intense and persistent.  Floating on a bed of fine velvety tannins, driven by an elegantly structured acid delivers a wine that is delightfully piebald; no shades of grade.


Rating93 pts
DrinkNow; 3-10 yrs
TastedMay 2020

2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #324

  1. 2018 vintage and 18-squared = 324, so an apt selection! And moving deeper into the mist of wine selection, I read this on Friday night in the midst of watching the Lethal Weapon Quadrology where Mel Gibson stars as crazy cop Mr (Martin) Riggs. When teamed up with Danny Glover as Sergeant Murtagh, can I consider this dynamic duo to be piebald? Yep, more wine required to assist pondering, but I don’t have a Syrah available, just a Shiraz… Que syrah syrah…

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