Wine Code Breaker #320

2019 Duke’s Magpie Hill Reserve Riesling, Porongurup, Western Australia

A sonic boom is heard when an object travels faster than the speed of sound.  It can be similar to a thunderclap to the observer who is generally stationery.  Less appreciated is the fact that a sonic boom is a continuous sound and this has been likened to laying out the carpet.  To hear it though, you too will have to be travelling pretty damn close to the speed of sound. Good Riesling will have piercing citrus flavours; great Riesling will have citrus flavours that will hit you a bit like a sonic boom and if you can hang on long enough, the intensity will shock and astound you.

The 2019 Duke’s Magpie Hill Reserve Riesling is from the Porongurup region in Western Australia.  Is has a colour that is almost colourless; just a hint of green glints with appeal as it is swirled in the glass. The nose is akin to the jet fast approaching with the aromas of citrus blossoms, lemons, limes and grapefruits.  A hint of minerality is there too, more talc than slate.  Upon tasting, the citrus flavours hit your palate like an explosion.  They are as piercing and as impressive as the sound of a sonic boom.  The lightly oily grippy texture and racy acidity paint the vapour trail, leaving a long lingering sense of amazement that you wish you could experience all over again.


Rating96 pts
DrinkNow; 10+ yrs
TastedMar 2020

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2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #320

  1. Boom! A 96 point rating puts this alongside your beloved Kasselke!
    PS: This caused me to drop my pen – rendering my stationery stationary…


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