Wine Code Breaker #88

2012 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River, Western Australia

One from the archives of 2014…Diatomaceous earth is an amazing naturally occurring substance. As an absorbent for moisture, it also has the remarkable ability of sucking into its matrix the foulest of odours, one of which is cats pee. This offending smell can be detected at 50 paces and assails ones nostrils with such a force that no other odour is detectable for days to come. Sauvignon Blancs from both Australia and New Zealand have developed a reputation across most price points for being akin to bottled cats pee. This is a sad thing as good Sauvignon Blanc can be exciting and fresh, a beautiful accompaniment for seafood.

The 2012 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Sauvignon Blanc from Margaret River in Western Australia is fresh and vibrant. The colour is pale golden hay with a tinge of green. Its nose is pure fruits, grapefruit, lime zest and spice of cinnamon, vanilla and anise leap out from the glass. The palate is finely structured with limes, guava and papaya with very pleasing textural length and citrus acidity aided by the older barrel aging. The grape tannins are ample and would handle most fresh seafoods with ease. A delight. And most importantly, no kitty litter required here.


Rating92 pts
Drink2-5 yrs
TastedFeb 2014

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