Wine Code Breaker #354

2018 Mayford Tempranillo, Porepunkah, Alpine Valley, Victoria

A puppy whining in its youth for company can drive you spare.  Without giving puppy raising guidance, they need to be left alone to cope by themselves.  “Let it mature with you not in spite of you,” would appear to be the mantra.  So to with Tempranillo.  From its ancestral home in Rjorca in Spain, it has taken up residence in a small vineyard near Porepunkah in Victoria.  Here it is thriving in a landscape that is dominated by Mt Buffalo and the tempering katabatic winds.

The 2018 Mayford Tempranillo from Porepunkah which sits within the Alpine Valley region of Victoria, is a deep crimson and garnet coloured wine.  The nose is highly appealing with the red fruits, cherries and figs.  The palate is built on a bed of gravelly tannins that are firm and grippy, yet elegant at the same time.  Red fruits, sarsaparilla and cherries excite with their youthful zest and persistence that confirm it is delightful now, while screaming for more time in the bottle.  It may even whine quietly in your cellar.  Be firm.  Leave it alone to cope with itself and you will be rewarded. 


DrinkNow; 10+ yrs
TastedDecember 2020 & January 2021

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