Wine Code Breaker #348

2020 Dormilona Yokel Trebbiano Pet Nat, Swan Valley, Western Australia

Trebbiano is thought to have originated in Italy and during Roman times, made its way to France.  Today it is one of the most widely grown varieties in the world, but will mostly be seen in balsamic vinegars and some fortifieds.  It was introduced into Australia in 1832 by James Busby.  From there it made its way to other regions including the  Swan Valley in Western Australia.  Naturally high in acidity, it is no surprise that it pairs well with hard cheeses and Italian dishes.  As a Petillant Naturel, its little bit of fizz adds just a bit more excitement.

The 2020 Dormilona Yokel Trebbiano Petillant Naturel, or Pet Nat for short, is from a site in the Swan Valley of Western Australia.  Poured from a clear bottle, you experience a Springtime sunset in a glass; hues of yellow and orange that excite.  Add in sprinkles of a fine bead of the Pet Nat and your interest goes up a notch.  An appealing nose with pears, apples, lemons and a touch of mandarin rind.  The palate displays the fine bead as a light fizz, deftly swirling the flavours of peach, pear and green apples.  A refreshing crispness from the acidity aides to the relaxation as the sun sets below the horizon.  Time tough for another glass as twilight lingers some moments more.


Rating90 pts
TastedNovember 2020

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