Wine Code Breaker #345

2019 Coldstream Hills Deer Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley

November 29 is World Ballet Day and at first glance you might think there is not much in common between this artistic pursuit and wine.  Take the Arabian scene from The Nutcracker.  Dancers with excellent training are the fruit.  The music and lighting is the textural backdrop of the oak and an expert choreographer is the winemaker putting all the parts together for us to enjoy.  Get any of the elements out of balance and you end up disappointed or at worst, falling asleep with the wine spilling down your shirt front and onto the couch.  

The 2019 Coldstream Hills Deer Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir is a single vineyard site from the Yarra Valley in Victoria.  The lighting backdrop splays a lovely crimson across the stage as the dancers enter.  The music starts with the aromas moving alluringly above the glass; perfumed rose petals, sour cherries, cranberries, and raspberry red fruits pirouette expertly into fouettés with a sprinkling of cedar and spice.  As the mood deepens, the cherries, cranberries and briary fruits port-de-bras in unison. The smokiness and oak spices grand jeté over the tight acidity and silken tannins, performing a seamless manège sequence delivering a finish that is worthy of a standing ovation.  Encore!


Rating95 pts
DrinkNow; 3-10 yrs
TastedOctober 2020

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