Wine Code Breaker #339

2018 Yangarra King’s Wood Shiraz, McLaren Vale, South Australia

One of the tales of the Game of Thrones that is yet to be told is that of the bastard of Robert Baratheon who was conceived in the King’s Wood.  Ironically of course, our Robert was killed by a boar whilst hunting for white hart in this very wood.  Back to our bastard; Edward was his name.  A long line of Edwards ensued with one emigrating to Australia where he was affectionately referred to as Ted. He developed a deep understanding of the King’s Wood and an obsession for the Holden Kingswood.  According to Westerosi law, the surname given to the bastards of the King’s Wood was Bullpit.

The 2018 Yangarra King’s Wood Shiraz from McLaren Vale in South Australia is a deep dark black red in colour that would match the velour seating of the prestige Kingswood.  The nose is highly aromatic with earthy savoury tones meeting sweet black fruits, hints of walnuts and sprinkles of vanilla and cedar oak influences.  The palate is highly concentrated with those sweet intensely flavoured black fruits and spices dangling with elegance.  Cedar, nuts and earthy notes entwine with sandy tannins to deliver a palate experience that would see Ted crying out something like “what a bloody King’s Wood”!


Rating96 pts
DrinkNow; 10+ yrs
TastedAugust 2020

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