Wine Code Breaker #287

2014 Devil’s Lair Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River, Western Australia

One from the archives of 2019…One of the earliest sites evidencing human occupation in Australia is named as Devil’s Lair.  Located in the southwest of Western Australia, it is a large single-chamber cave that has had artefacts discovered dating back around 50,000 years.  To help us remember this important site, there is also a winery from the area called Devil’s Lair.  As a producer of fine wine from the Margaret River, it pays homage to the land, seasons and history of the area as well as providing a respectful nod to our ancient land and peoples.

2014 Devil’s Lair Cabernet Sauvignon from the Margaret River district in Western Australia is a purple garnet coloured wine that flashes brightly in a torch lit cave.  The nose wafts on a gentle breeze with fresh green beans, cassis, capsicum and herbal notes including tobacco (as this is world no tobacco day, it should be noted that this is appropriate tobacco).  There are also touches of chocolate and mint, but not choc mint as this is too strong a reference.  Does that make sense?  On the palate, the cassis really shines through; bold and elegant with complexing red fruits and herbs.  The cedary oak is well balanced throughout and this delivers a wonderful persistence of flavours across a bed of fine sandy tannins.  Whilst it may not last 50,000 years, it will continue to evolve gracefully over the next 50,000 hours.


Rating95 pts
DrinkNow; 19+ yrs
TastedMay 2019

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