Wine Code Breaker #312

2017 Bird in Hand Montepulciano, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

“Italian” is a word at first reading that does not appear too hard to rhyme.  “Stallion” is a word that instantly comes to mind.  Charles Cotton, the author of “Book 1, Virgil Travesti”, a mock poem in his self titled poetical works, selected “tatterdemalion” as his word to rhyme with “Italian”.  I wonder what this author from the 1600s would pick to rhyme with “Montepulciano”, the second most widely grape grown in Italy and making its home in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

The 2017 Bird in Hand Montepulciano from Adelaide Hills in South Australia is a vibrant purple and black as you would surely know.  The nose is of rose petals with inky red and black fruits, spices, earth and perhaps a hint of caffe chino.  The palate has the earthy notes in abundance with hints of marzipan and blacker element fruits much like a curio.  The tannins are grippy and the acidity is crunchy putting on a goodly show.  An intensely flavoured wine with an extended finish that is far from tatterdemalion as would not veto.


Rating93 pts
DrinkNow; 5-10 yrs
TastedJan 2020

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