The Unexpurgated Wine Code Launch

The launch…

Wine is sunlight held together by water

— Galileo Gallilei

unexpurgated (adjective); (of a text) complete and containing all the original material; uncensored.

This is the first post on my new (old) blog. It all started back in 2012 as a bit of fun for friends and colleagues in the workplace. A little note about a wine, published on a Friday afternoon via email to signal the end of the working week. This is all it was meant to be and this is what it still is.

The first note was tentative, the second and third less so. The weekly tasting notes evolved quickly into a story that has, on occasion, a tenuous link to the wine in question whilst retaining an intrinsic tasting note. Today after some 300+ notes, a bold step is taken to publish these older notes plus the new musings in the form of a web based blog.

Originally called “Wine of the Week”, all future posts will be referred to as “Wine Code Breaker” as a reference to this site name, the “Unexpurgated Wine Code”. The writings are for people who find themselves surrounded by those who are passionate about wine and they are not. It also is for those with a new found interest in wine and for lovers of wine through the ages, whether they be young or old.

The focus has largely been on Australian wine as this is my passion. I do of course experiment and internationals have and will continue to be featured.

For those new, welcome and know that this is my own work as a hobby with directional guidance from my wife and editorial assistance from my eldest daughter. Forgive her for the typos!

I hope you enjoy reading these future posts!


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