Wine Code Breaker #336

2018 Bangor Vineyard Shed Captain Spotswood Pinot Noir, Tasmania

Captain Spotswood was granted land in 1831 as a retired army office and thus became the area’s first settler. This land became known as Bangor in Tasmania. His house was regarded as a respectable building, sited perfectly for the views of Norfolk Bay. During his toiling, the Captain regarded the land as third rate, best suited to wheat, turnips and potatoes. Today, this site is now planted to Pinot Noir. With International Pinot Noir Day approaching on 18 August 2020, you have time to sail to Norfolk Bay and grab a Pinot Noir to celebrate this most magnificent of days and tip a glass to Captain Spotswood as you do.

The 2018 Bangor Vineyard Shed Captain Spotswood is a Pinot Noir from the geographic wine region of Tasmania. In the glass as it is swirled, a light crimson splashes lazily around. The nose is perfumed with rose petals and bright spices. Red fruits and cherries lift with air as the sails fill on the horizon. On the palate, the red fruits mingle with rhubarb and cherries; not a turnip in sight. Savoury and earthy notes sit easily against the silky tannins. Vibrant acidity plays out the long fanning finish leaving you to marvel at this grape and the toiling of nigh on 200 years.


Rating94 pts
DrinkNow; 3-10 yrs
TastedJuly 2020

2 thoughts on “Wine Code Breaker #336

  1. James
    Thought it was bright and light with plush fruit at a good price point. It won a trophy and gold medal at the Tasmanian Wine Show this year before COVID took front and centre. Have a couple of bottles quitely maturing/mutineering here in Hobart so we will see if the Captain guides the boat to shore or crashes on the rocks!
    Best Pinot so far this year has been the 2018 Giant Steps Nocton Vineyard (Coal River Valley).
    Regards Geoff


    1. Hi Geoff, agree about the price point for this one. The 2018 Giant Steps Nocton was good – has to be up there for me as well. I have their 2019 Fatal Shores ready to try at the end of the month. Looking forward to this one as it has had some big wraps too.


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